Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who Will Save Her?

Do you ever have days that are planned with little time for distractions? Then that one distraction hits you and because it happened, you become obsessed and you do something that is out of character.

Case in point:

A weekend visit with friends in Louisiana. The Plan; hanging out, eating out, drinks, talk and more talk.


The scene; All of us piled in one SUV riding back from The Myrtles Plantation after a great meal. The 60’s music is loud, the talk and laughter is even louder and one poor soul keeps falling off the ice chest she is having to sit on. Our driver, the one that was always the chosen one, that doesn’t drink, but has one lead foot is speeding down a two lane rural road.

Then it hits, the distraction. Off to the side of the road is an open gate, a long drive up to a plantation that looks overgrown with vegetation and very spooky with just the moon light. I start counting the miles back to the rental that we are in for the weekend. The next morning it is hot and steamy and we do have plans for lunch, but all I can think of is seeing this plantation.

The out of character thing for me was not the going to see this property because I was going to see it. No it was the driving up to the house and getting down and knocking on the door in the heat and with all the weeds I had to walk through.


I didn’t see any posted signs, didn’t see a realtor’s sign, in fact I didn’t see a sign of life, well human life.


Shutters missing, weeds and leaves. If you look at the size of the front door, you can tell how large this home is.




The windows still had lace hanging in them.


At the top of the columns, I felt like something was watching me, a camera?


No, it was an owl that watched me. I felt like he was happy to see someone and maybe wanted to protect me from snakes that I’m sure were around.


No, I didn’t go inside, there was a broken window at the front door and these pictures were taken by putting the camera there.

By this it does show that the inside looks good compared to the exterior, and someone lived here not that long ago.





Iron under the front stairs.


There were many building on the property, including the all important Pigeonnier, that the vegetation was way to thick for me to get to.


There were signs that at one time there was pathways and gardens with places to sit, how sad it was not to be able to walk the paths and enjoy what once was there.

How could someone leave this grand home? How could they let it deteriorate after it has survived all these years.

I have yet to find out anything about this home, and yes, I am obsessed in doing so.

I hope someone saves her.


  1. Joy, I'm thinking she's just begging for YOU to save her...Go for it! :-)

  2. I'm with shirleyvo!! Save her!! I wish I could, it is such a lovely place.
    Thanks for the visit. I think maybe we are related! Love what you've done to your place and Love,Love,Love your blog, too! It's nice to meet another faux artist. Isn't is a blessing to be able to do it ourselves. I couldn't afford to pay me!

  3. Wow I love these pictures (are you sure you are not the paparazzi?)

    And your comment on my blog about the car was so funny!

  4. What an amazing adventure!
    I would have gone down that road as well-

    I enjoyed visiting,


  5. I would so love to travel to where you live and see this plantations up close! What would it be like to live in one? Very fun post!

  6. ooooh love a good mystery- this place looks like it about to recieve the grey Garden treatment if it's not very odd and exciting. I hope you unravel the mystery!

  7. Hey I can't believe I wasn't following you earlier! It's time.

  8. You need to update!!!! haah!!! I love this house - it's so fabulous and I loved your comment today, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I sooooooooooo hope you can find out what the deal is with this home! I'm soooo intrigued! CURIOUS EVEN! Every home has a story...wonder what this one is????

    What a GREAT Bloggie you have my friend...wonderful!!! Enjoyed my visit very, very much.


  10. Joy, thanks so much for your comment!! (and that you posted the same one on Cote de Texas :) So nice!

  11. I think maybe we are related! Love what you've done to your place and Love,Love,Love your blog, too!

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