Monday, March 30, 2009

The Changing Tiger

A friend of mine purchased a new home almost a year ago. All the rooms needed something done to them, some needing more work then others. One of the rooms that was only getting new carpet was going to be perfect for her grandsons and came with a wonderful mural painted on all four walls. She was so excited and knew her grandsons were going to love it. There was however one small part of this Mural that disturbed her and anyone that really looked at it , it had to do with the way the Tiger in the jungle mural looked, so mean, showing these big white teeth. I'm pretty sure the grandsons would have had nightmares. And to have it over the crib,,, Oh My,, that just wouldn't do.
So she asked if I could do something to it's face and make it sweeter looking. "Just Change it, Please!"

While working on the rest of the house with Carpenters and Painters, I did take some time, to repaint the Tiger.

He now has a much sweeter face, and no more snarling look at the grand babies.


I think this Change did him some good, What do you think? Leave a comment to let me know.