Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, A New Year with New Colors

There is no better way to start off the New Year then with color. I always look to Pantone color systems to see what their picks are for both fashion and home. This spring 2010 fashion color report from Pantone has some colors that I really like. And here they are:

The top pick is Turquoise Pantone #15-5519

2. Tomato Puree Pantone #18-1661

3. Fusion Coral Pantone #16-1543

4. Violet Pantone #16-3320

5. Tuscany Pantone #16-1219

6. Aurora Pantone #12-0642

7. Amparo Blue Pantone #18-3945

8. Pink Champagne Pantone #12-1107

9. Dried Herb Pantone #17-0627

10. Eucalyptus Pantone #15-0513

You can get more information by going to

This being the 1st of Jan. 2010 tonight is the night that HGTV shows off the new Dream Home in New Mexico. While looking at photos of the interior I noticed some similar colors used by the designers in fabrics and in paint by Sherwin-Williams.

Reflecting Pool



Svelte Sage


And Ash-Violet


  1. I need to figure out how to use paint sploches like that on my blog! And thanks for your thoughtful comment today, I'm sure they will all help my client with her final decision! ($7000 to re-paint!)

  2. Sherwin Williams is one of my favorites. Their colors are just the best.